Project Description
Want push mail from an IMAP server (like Gmail) on your windows mobile device? Then this project is for you. This program runs as a service and subscribes to IMAP IDLE commands to know when new messages arrive at the IMAP mailbox. It will then tell Pocket Outlook to send/receive.

I've transitioned this project to a source code only release as it's getting out of date, and I don't currently have time to make updates.
The source code is all available for those that want to move the project forward in their own way, and I'm hoping that the lack of a binary release option will encourage others to take up the slack. I'm afraid I've lost motivation as I've become frustrated with the windows mobile platform, and, at least for the moment, own an iPhone instead. This may change if I find the next release of Windows Mobile more enticing, but, for the moment, the platform is pretty stale and not progressive enough to hold my interest. I hope Microsoft tries to remedy this, as it is a much nicer development platform than the alternatives. In the mean time though, I need to spend my hobby time elsewhere.

Have fun with the code! Build something cool! Those in the know should realize that its a great jumping off point for building a lot of projects that require an SSL connection to a server, something that is woefully annoying to set up in .NET compact framework.

NOTICE: Use of the code or compiled binaries is, of course, at your own risk. Anything provided here remains very beta.

Also, keep a look out on my blog, as I'll be posting about a WHS add-in I'm working on, if you are interested in that platform.

For more information/updates see my blog


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